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Openair Film Festival Pluk de Nacht 2012 | about the festival

Pluk de Nacht (Seize the Night) is a free open air film festival in Amsterdam, taking place every summer and showing the best previously unreleased national and international feature films and documentaries. In addition there are campfires, interesting art projects, festive experiments and extra comfy beach chairs. Entrance is free and everyone is welcome!
Pluk de Nacht was founded in 2003 by a couple of friends who shared a great love for film. They worked at cinemas and visited film festivals in their spare time. They really wanted to share their excitement about the wonderful films they saw at those festivals with their friends, but because many films didn’t get released in the Netherlands they could never be seen again. This is how Pluk de Nacht came to be. The only real open air film festival in Amsterdam  shows the gems that were not released in The Netherlands or, if they were, only reached a small audience.

The organization visits (inter)national film festivals throughout the year and carefully selects  films on their cinematographic merits. That is why you can find all types of film at Pluk de Nacht: from animation to road movie. From tragic small-town documentary to absurd romantic comedy. The programming is surprising every year. The 12-man orchestra, for example, who accompanied some of the short films at the fifth edition of the  festival. Last year we had an entire night devoted to love, with our theme programme ‘Love is in the Air’ and we organised a crying contest.

Since the start in 2003 and to this day, the festival is fully organised and realised by a big group of volunteers who put all their creativity into the festival.  Starting three weeks before the festival, the location, Het Stenen Hoofd, is swept clean and transformed into an attractive festival paradise.

The festival has grown to become a true meeting place and combines the screening of never-before- released films with art, food, drinks, debates and parties. What never changed is the fact that the festival is free. Pluk de Nacht offers a platform to many young artists, which means there is a lot more to see and do at the festival besides film. Because we just don’t have a tropical climate in the Netherlands, Pluk de Nacht takes a few precautions. Early every day we light the fires, we rent out blankets and we have an indoor location where we can show the film if the rain starts coming down too heavy. Why don't you swing by this summer?
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